It’s the first of February in 2017 and I’m writing my first blog. My name is Kasper Veenstra, I work in a photography store in the centre of Zwolle called Foto Hans Keuzekamp and have been photographing for the last 10 years. Besides that I’m Dutch, which means I’ll be making some mistakes along the way, sorry about that…

On this blog I’ll be reviewing some of my gear, and, hopefully, some of the gear from Foto Hans Keuzekamp. Further I’ll be showcasing some of the projects I’ll be working on and last but not least, I’ll be venting my thoughts on some old and new gear. This is one of those posts…

Starting off my photography career with my Nikon D80 and passing through several analog cameras like the Pentax ME, Nikon FE and F4 and Contax G2 it was time to add another ‘0’ to my D80 back in 2014. The D800 was the camera I was waiting for for some time then. When it hit the shelves I was one of the first to enjoy it. Together with my ever growing set of lenses I’ve been able to pixel peep as long as I wanted these past years. The best resolution, best dynamic range, pretty good low light performance (remember, I was used to my D80 then) and some advanced features for back then made this camera a joy to work with, which it still is. (except for that annoying shutter shock, that is)

But the game is changing. Mirrorless camera’s have been working their ways up the ladder and cameras like the Fuji X-Pro2 and Sony A7RII are serious competition for the Full-Frame and often heavy-weighed DSLR’s.

But lately one camera has been stuck in my mind. One camera that could change the game for ME, just like the D800 did. But this time I have to get rid of all my lenses, too. The Fuji GFX 50s has made it’s entrance. This DSLR-ish camera has a bigger sensor, and, as a bigger sensor promises to be, has better color reproduction, beter dynamic range and better micro-contrast. I’m not at all a scientist when it comes to camera specs, my physics knowledge doesn’t stretch further than the gravity of something heavy falling on my toe, but I do know that color is one of my main concerns with digital photography so far. This is the reason why some of my free work is better done with my Mamiya 7II.

At the cost of around 10k for a body and normal lens this is quite the investment to make. That’s why, since the announcement of the camera, it has been on my mind, making me sum up my gear, calculating the overall worth, and telling myself how I should or shouldn’t do it.

One thing is for sure, these are exciting times to be a photographer.


Let me know in the comments how you feel about the GFX.